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Create a new lead in Base for each new form submission you receive.

Our Base integration has a few cool features

Connect Base to 99Inbound

In the 99Inbound console, navigate to App Integrations in the sidebar and click ‘Connect’ next to the Base CRM logo. You’ll be taken to the Base CRM Authorization screen where you’ll be asked to provide 99Inbound with permission to connect to your account

Base Oauth Popup

Connect Base to a form

If you haven’t created a form yet, see the form builder walkthrough

Once you’ve connected Base to 99Inbound you can connect it to your forms and start collecting new leads.

Navigate to your form, scroll to ‘app syncs’, and click connect to add your Base account to the form.

Connect an app

Configure sync settings

By default all new form entries will sync to a new, empty lead in Base. If you’d rather have the form populate some of the lead values, you can configure those mappings (along with the lead status for the new lead) on this screen.

For each form field you can choose which lead field it should populate in Base.

Configure Base

Receive Leads

Once you’ve saved your configuration its time to test your form! Submit a new entry to your form and watch the new lead appear in Base.

Base Lead

Each lead created by 99Inbound will also include a note with all the form values. So if you haven’t mapped every form field to a lead field you’ll still see everything here.

Next Steps

We recommend setting up a notification, to alert your sales staff that new leads have arrived.