99Inbound Docs

Both the form builder and the form endpoint API can take advantage of 99Inbound spam protection in different ways.

Form Builder Spam Prevention

All forms created with the 99Inbound form builder come with built-in spam protection. 99Inbound will identify and block spam submissions automatically.

No action is required on your part.

Form Endpoint Spam Protection

99Inbound form endpoints support the use of ‘honeypot fields’, which are designed to trick spam bots into completing a ‘fake’ form field that is invisible to real humans.

If 99Inbound detects the presence of a completed honeypot field it will reject the entry as spam (without letting the bot know that anything is wrong).

Adding the honeypot field to your form

99Inbound provides a specific honepot field configuration in the application UI. Go to your endpoint configuration screen and scroll down to the spam section. Then copy/past the provided field into your form:

Spam config

This field has been pre-populated with a realistic-enough sounding field name that is unique to your form and is designed to trick spambots into completing it. However this field will be invisible to regular users and will not be autocompleted by browsers.

The same technique is used for forms built with the form builder.