99Inbound Docs

Different account tiers contain different limits on the number of forms, form features, and total monthly form entries received. Each of these is managed differently inside the app.

Form Submission Limits

Each 99Inbound plan contains different monthly submissions limits, so for example on the free plan you are limited to only 100 entries received per-month, in total, across all your forms.

If you exceed your submission limit new entries will no longer appear in your dashboard, you will not be notified, and they will not sync to any app integrations you have configured. These excess submissions will be kept for 5 days before being discarded.

If you upgrade your account during that 5 day period, the excess submissions will be picked up, processed, and added to your account as normal.

First-Time Overage Forgiveness

The first month that you go over your submission limit 99Inbound will not penalize you, rather we’ll give you a 50% submission count leeway (just for that month).

For example if your plan comes with 5,000 entries / month, during the forgiveness period you will be allowed 7500 submissions.

You will only get this benefit once, if you run over your plan limit in a subsequent month your entries will be stopped.

Feature Limits

Generally, feature limits will prevent you from using higher-tier features directly in the app.

If you downgrade your account and no longer have access to a particular feature, it will be reset and disabled.

Same deal with integrations – if you downgrade your account and no longer have access to an integration, form submissions will no longer sync and you will receive notification of the app sync error.