99Inbound Docs

Creating an auto-responder

The auto-responder lets you send a simple email in response to new form submissions. Create one from the form configuration page.

Emails from the auto-responder will be sent from robot@99inbound.com. You’ll need to pick which of your form fields contains the users email address, and you can also set some custom information:

From Name The emails shows itself as coming from this name (use something like Acme Co)
Reply To If the user responds to the email, it will go to this address (use something like sales@acme.com)
Subject The subject line of the email
Body The body of the email – this supports markdown syntax
File Attachment Add a file attachment (PDF and Word files supported) to deliver useful resources like white papers

The auto-responder is particularly helpful for sales and marketing forms – assuring folks that someone will be in touch soon.

Send a test email

Once you have created an auto-responder you can click the Send Test button to send yourself a test email.