99Inbound Docs

Create or update a lead in Close.io for each new form submission you receive.

With the Close.io app integration you can:

Connect Close.io to 99Inbound

In the 99Inbound console, navigate to App Integrations in the sidebar and click ‘Connect’ next to the Close.io logo. You’ll be prompted for an API key

Close.io Key Entry

You can find this In your Close.io settings screen under ‘API Keys’

Close.io settings screen

Connect Close.io to a form

If you haven’t created a form yet, see the form builder walkthrough

Once you’ve connected Close.io to 99Inbound you can add it to your forms. In the form configuration screen click ‘new integration’, then select your Close.io app.

You’ll be taken to the Close.io form configuration screen where you can set up your form specific settings.

Close.io config screen

There are three sections to configure:

  1. General configuration - set lead status and lead identification behavior.
  2. Field mappings - map form fields to specific Lead, Contact, and Custom fields in Close.io.
  3. Other actions - set static lead values and configure opportunity creation.

General configuration

Simply choose the values that you require

Closeio basic

Field mappings

For each form field you can choose to:

  1. Ignore the field and do not map it to a custom field – the value will still be added to the lead note
  2. Map it to lead field (eg lead name, description)
  3. Map it to a contact field (email, phone, name, etc). This will create 1 contact on the lead
  4. Map it to a custom field - note only text and numeric custom fields are supported

Make sure to unselect the ignore box if you are mapping to a specific field.

Here’s an example mapping

Field Mapping Example

When this form is submitted it will create a lead that looks like this

Close.io lead screenshot

Opportunity creation

Click to create an opportunity configuration, you can set all the major fields of a Close.io opportunity. Here is an example

Closeio Opportunity Config

This will create an opportunity in Close.io as below:

Close.io Opportunity Screenshot

Static Fields

Click ‘set crm fields’ to add static field mappings that will be set on each and every lead created (or updated) through 99Inbound.


Sync failure due to field error

If you map a form field to a Close.io field with a specific format requirement then it is possible for a Close.io app sync to fail if the form value does not meet the Close.io field criteria.

For example, if you map a field to Contact.Phone, and someone enters a non-phone value then the sync will fail.

You can prevent this by setting the correct field type for your 99Inbound fields. If you have built a custom form endpoint, you should make sure the field type is set in the html.

Missing custom field

If you map a form field to a custom field, then delete that custom field in Close.io the sync will not be able to find the custom field and will fail. You can solve this issue by remapping the form field to a new Close.io field.